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Key protection:
Lost keys are returned. The keymail key protection system has proven itself worthy millions of times since 1982. To this day, hundreds of thousands of keys have already been returned to their owners. Therefore, significant costs for exchanging locks and replacing keys were able to be avoided. The success rate of the keymail key protection system is an unbeatable 97%.

Emergency protection:
Stolen, lost, missing? In 1995 the 24h emergency protection system for credit, bank and customer store cards was also introduced. This worldwide blocking system also offers all embassy and emergency numbers of all countries as well as a Doku and Medi Safe. We offer keymailPlus emergency protection in 3 versions:
- 24h operated hotline (English, French, German) - e-Safe on the World Wide Web (all countries) - App for your iPhone (all countries)

Climate protection:
A smart way to save with switch2eco and use energy efficiently. The switch2eco software automatically or manually puts your personal computer into the right energy-saving mode. In doing so, you not only go easy on the environment and your budget but also increase the security of your personal computer.

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